Cumhur Amrag, managing director of Rigging Service GmbH, gives a report on the experiences with DPVT certification and the changes and improvements it triggered in his company.

Cumhur Amrag is the managing director of Rigging Service GmbH since 2002, and is himself active as a rigger since 1996. In particular, he attends special projects and is responsible for occupational safety, education and training, and moreover, is a lecturerer for diverse educational institutions.

How did you take notice of the DPVT?

As we’re very active in various associations, we heard about the DPVT certificate quite soon. During an VPLT event we talked to Cay Grosssigk, head of the DPVT certification authority, about the approach, the costs and the potential benefits.

What were your reasons for taking interest in the certification and your decision to finally have it conducted?

As a service provider of Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt Fair) we had known for some years already we would have to assure our quality permanently and optimize our structures dynamically. In order to keep pace with our industry continuously evolving, we chose the DPVT seal after a long process of decision-making. It weren’t the primary certification costs that made us think twice but rather the secondary costs in terms of structural investments. Looking back on four years of certification I have to say that the costs kind of amortised. It is not easy to do the maths because there are so many factors adding to it. Still, we are attending to a much greater extent to our entrepreneurial duties, and we have learned to do so with the best legal conformity and cost-efficiency possible.

Quality, security and occupational safety are essential attributes to the rigging discipline. It is common knowledge in our sector that it is of capital concern to us. We’re talking here about 25 years since the company’s foundation without any accident, personal damage or fall hazard from work at height. The question is, how can we send this message within Germany and across the borders to new, potential clients and/or partners? The idea was, among others, to be able to present a quality seal that represents a certain quality standard, reputation and acceptance within the sector.

What has changed through certification/recertification?

A lot of projects had been scheduled for resubmission for years. Thanks to the certification impetus, almost all of them are now on a safe level you can easily work with. We have, within the framework of entrepreneurial duties, created and provided budgets and resources that should have been provided long ago. For regular and complete repair work, checks and documentation, we have made and keep making available more room, time, manpower and money. We are now taking formal qualification, refresher courses and operating instructions far more seriously, and integrate them much more into our work live. Within the company, a new awareness has risen. The fields of occupational safety and security, legal compliance and cost efficiency are dealt with in a far more sensitive way by our colleagues.

In a medium and long-term perspective, what do you expect from the seal, from the DPVT and the seal holders for your company and for the entertainment technology industry?

We expect an answer to the following question from the certification authority, all the other seal holders, the seal and the certification per se:

‘How can responsible-minded clients take essential security and quality standards for granted if they haven’t worked with us before?’

Further wishes and expectations:
• build client loyalty and find new clients
• sales and profit increase
• optimised business cost reduction through structural improvement
• offer secure long-term jobs and create new ones

Everything should be compliant with employees, employers, occupational safety, and of course the Working Hours Act.
• business-based, transparent and supra-regionally valid price structure for material rental and sale as well as for services
• dynamic and transparent wages/daily rates based on performance and risks.

In summary, we can state that it was the right decision to get the DPVT certification.