Given that the event industry is more and more oriented towards generally accepted industrial standards in all departments, last year, the TLT decided to adapt to this development by adjusting and developing internal and external process structures

While preparing for this task, it became clear that certification with its set of tools would be the appropriate module of implementation.

The DPVT grants access to a matching certification platform for our industry.

Right from the preparations for the study audit, it was possible to see how we would find the strong points and the weaknesses of the given structures and procedures. Hence, even preliminarily to the audit, we could identify development potential within the company and adapt the given structures and procedures to future performance requirements of the event market.

The DPVT’s study audits were subsequently used for a neutral and competent reflexion of the realised results.

We’d like to than the DPVT for their constructive and goal-oriented cooperation.


Berlin und Stahnsdorf